EmpowerCon 2020

EMPOWERCON is a premier virtual experience for women to safely explore Pleasure, Love and Prosperity, so that they can live fully expressed and step into limitless possibilities!

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What is EmpowerCon?

EmpowerCon is a 3-day premier virtual experience for women to safely explore Pleasure, Love and Prosperity, so that they can live fully expressed and step into limitless possibilities!

During our time together, we will connect and network with others from around the globe, learn, grow, move our bodies, heal + transform.

This year we will be talking about how to bring more pleasure into your life. This can include pleasure in your relationships, with yourself and in your bank account! We will cover topics like, manifestation, abundance, feminine energy, body confidence and true self love.

Additionally, we will experience different tools and modalities to shift our energy, heal, release what’s no longer serving us and step into our next level self!

Who should attend?

Women who are ready to level-up and learn how to ask, attract AND receive the life they desire.

Female entrepreneurs, leaders and those who are ready to go all in on their dreams, in a fun, exciting and satisfying way!

Women who are ready to release procrastination, people pleasing, guilt, shame, “shoulding” and other limiting actions and labels that no longer serve them.

EmpowerCon is for you if you have a desire for more out of life and want to wake up alive and fulfilled!

What will attendees receive?

Attendees will walk away from this event with a new perspective on life, pleasure, money and more, which will allow them to step into the next best version of themselves.

The 5 Pillars of EmpowerCon are to Empower, Embody, Educate, Energize + Equip women with tools, skills and resources to tap into limitless possibilities.

Additionally, they will receive experiences and actionable tools that they would otherwise invest thousands of dollars to get.

Why should I attend?

You should join us because you want to.
The answer is really that simple, if bringing more pleasure, love, self-love and money into your life is something that you want, then this is for you!

According to a past attendee, “Everyone needs to hear this!” So, we want to make it available and accessible to you!

"We need more space for women to share, be honest, supportive and encouraging"

Past EmpowerCon Attendee

I want to bring more pleasure, love and prosperity to my life!

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Meet Karla Docter,

EmpowerCon Founder + Host

Karla Docter is an Embodiment Coach, Transformational Keynote Speaker + Author, Certified Revelation Breathwork Facilitator, and Founder of EMPOWERCON, a premier virtual experience.

Through her programs, events, writing and speaking, she helps women safely explore + embody a life filled with Pleasure, Love + Prosperity, so they can live fully expressed and step into limitless possibilities.

Through her experiences through a decade of domestic violence, sexual assault and various other traumas, then working with survivors in crisis for another 12+ years through non-profit work, she now helps women take their life to the next level to overcome whatever life has to bring through proven and powerful techniques and strategies.

Karla is an advocate for women to feel safe to be themselves, in a world where women are taught the opposite.

Karla is an expert in her industry, and has been recognized in Oklahoma as a "Woman Making a Difference", an "Achiever Under 40" and named one of the "21 Leaders for the 21st Century".