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Create harmony in your relationships,

life + business, so you can live a life

you’re excited to wake up to! 


Elevate, Empower, Energize, Educate + Equip

yourself with the with the tools to triumph

over the challenges life brings, so you can create more

peace, clarity, energy + fulfillment in your life!


Ready for a Mid-Year Reset for Your Mind, Body, Soul + Goals?


Introducing... ReCALIBRATE!


Yoga ~ Tapping ~ Breathwork ~ Reflections ~ Activations + More

Happening June of 2024

ReCALIBRATE is a mid-year experience, like non other,  that will recalibrate your energy, passion + purpose, and align you to the version of you that gets to achieve your goals, dreams and desires.

All of this will happen live from the comfort of your home beginning June 23rd 2024.

For an added bonus, we will have some additional workshopy/activation experiences the following week to create a "Mid-Years Eve" type vibe and energy for the rest of 2024!

{As more deets revealed, the investment will likely increase}




Now enrolling more Founding Members to go on an empowering journey with other like-minded women to REMEMBER your successes, your power, your purpose + how incredible you are…
Over several weeks, Karla will coach you alongside others, where you will gain clarity on your vision, enhance your energy + confidence, and begin to LIVE a life you're excited to wake up to!


What would become possible for you if you remembered...

  • how fvcking incredible YOU are?
  • and KNOW that¬†YOUR success is inevitable?
  • why you came here in this world, and all the beautiful things you came here to experience?
  • how strong, smart, beautiful, courageous, and impactful you are?

You become limitless, and get to live a life in alignment with your goals, dreams + desires! 


EmpowerCon, is a premier virtual retreat for like-minded women ready reset, connect, recharge + elevate their life.

Join us at EmpowerCon January 2025!
**More details coming soon**

At the core of everything we do, EmpowerCon is designed to Elevate, Empower, Educate, Energize, & Equip you with transformational tools and resources to overcome life’s obstacles, so that you can experience more peace, love, joy, success + deliciousness in life!

This 3-Day virtual experience is like no other: part retreat, part conference, part community, resulting in a reset + renewal for your breakthrough year.



You have everything you need inside of you!

 After spending most of my life living for others, while being stuck in shame, guilt, pain and learning lessons the hard way,

I thought there must be an easier way, to do this thing called life... so I went on a journey to discover how, for me and for you. The results... I now embody a life filled with joy, peace, love, fulfillment and pleasure... and when life happens, I am equipped with the tools to lead myself through it in a way that I am proud of.

The truth is... you have everything you need inside of you, and I'm here to help you remember rediscover it. I'd love to walk with you on your journey.

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Resources for every stage of the journey

EmpowerCon 2024

Part retreat, part conference, part community, resulting in a reset + renewal.


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1-on-1 Guidance 


Let our two souls connect and chat to see what kind of magic we can create together.


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Breathwork + Reiki

Join us virtually to release what is no longer serving you and align with your desires.


Learn More about Breathwork

She is a powerhouse and inspiring!

EmpowerCon Attendee

Brandi Lance, LHT

She's amazing! Her enthusiasm and desire to help you no matter where you are in your journey is infectious. She motivates you, inspires you, and holds you accountable in all of the good ways! Karla's a Rockstar!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Her approach makes you feel comfortable and makes the ideas she offers accessible.

Leigh Shy

Messages + Interviews from Karla

Healing is a Journey, not a Destination.

"Overcoming Heart Blocks" Book Launch Interview.

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This message is for everyone.

‎Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators: Domestic Violence Doesn't Always Look Like You Expect with Karla Docter on Apple Podcasts.

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You were made for so much more!

Check out this snippet from a video journal entry I made just after I got fired for the last time…

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