Remembering - Founding Members

**NEW Offer {Seeking Founding Members}**

"Remembering" is all about creating unfuckwithable confidence and a life you're excited to wake up to! 

It's a four-week group coaching journey where you will elevate your confidence, find strength, motivation + clarity to craft your future self vision, and actually start living it.

As a Founding Member, you will have lifetime access to the program and materials, AND be a participant on every future launch of the program! 

*This is the LOWEST it will ever be*

What you’ll receive:

  • 4+ weeks of trainings/workshops/coaching to support you throughout the program. All calls will be recorded any you will have access to them! {Call times/dates will be varied and based on the availability you give me}
  • A downloadable workbook to help you uncover evidence from your past, present and future self, filled with Qs and tips to rewrite your subconscious mind.
  • Meditations and Breathwork experiences for clarity, guidance and to release blocks.
    Energetic shifts to align with the feelings you want to feel.
  • Playlists that will help shift your energy + boost your mood.
  • A private community to share, ask questions, get support + connect deeper with other like-minded women.
  • Lifetime access to all program materials, tools, trainings + call recordings via your student portal and/or an app on your phone!
  • As a Founding Member, you will have access to EVERY future version of this program for free! The next live round will likely double in the investment and happen in the first quarter of 2024.


Elevate to the Remembering VIP Experience and get all of the above, PLUS:

  • Audio coaching over the four weeks of the program via Voxer
  • A powerful one hour individual coaching session!
  • A VIP ticket to EmpowerCon 2024, a premier 3 day virtual retreat!

Our community opens up November 27th!

XO, Karla Docter




About your host, Karla Docter:

Karla is a Certified Elite Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Level II, and Founder of EmpowerCon.

In everything Karla does, it is her mission to Elevate, Empower, Energize, Educate + Equip others with the tools to overcome the *ish and WTF moments that life brings, so that they can reclaim their voice and find peace, satisfaction and fulfillment in life!

Through her experiences through a decade of domestic violence and sexual assault, various other traumas, to then professionally working with survivors for another 15+ years, she knew there was more for her to do. She then received an Elite Life Coach Certification and then began to transform lives around the globe through coaching, training, speaking and writing.

Karla’s learned to turn obstacles into opportunities and loves to share her ‘she-shed’ of tools with others. Karla has experienced a lot of loss and pain, yet she often shares, "I didn't go through all of that, just to go through it. I am here to be a guide for others, so they don't have to go through it alone, and to show them how they too can find happiness and fulfillment along the way."

Karla is an advocate to help women to remember how incredible they are, before the world told them that wasn't safe or okay to be themselves.

Karla is an expert in the field of trauma and deep work, and has been recognized as a "Woman Making a Difference", an "Achiever Under 40" and named one of the "21 Leaders for the 21st Century".



Feel free to contact me for any additional questions at [email protected]

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$111.00 USD or more


  • Audio coaching over the four weeks of the program via Voxer
  • A powerful one hour individual coaching session!
  • A VIP ticket to EmpowerCon 2024, a premier 3 day virtual retreat!